Memorial Cremation Necklace

"She made this beautiful necklace with some of Bunny's ashes and I'm so glad I get to have her with me all the time now."

Meet the Artist

My name is Delaney and I am the artist behind all of the products for Spellbound Curiosities. I am a multi-media artist who works primarily in resin, brass, wood and crystal. I have a background in graphic design and am constantly inspired by the natural world around me. Every piece is handcrafted by me personally meaning every single product is unique to you.

Media Types


I use a high performance epoxy
that is made to last with little to no yellowing.


Acrylic is a more durable option to using glass. It is scratch-resistant and long lasting.


Jeweler's brass allows me to work with a solid gold color without the high price point.

Why Choose Spellbound


Every product is handmade by me personally, meaning that every piece of art you receive is unique to you.

Woman Run

This business is soley run by me, the artist. I wear many hats running the business.

Nature Based

The nature that surrounds me inspires my work every day. Everything made is infused with intention and magic.